• Breast <span>Implants</span>

    Breast Implants

    Women with breast implants urged not to be alarmed by inaccurate reports on cancer link

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  • <span>Welcome to ASPS</span>

    Welcome to ASPS

    Founded in 1970, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Inc (ASPS) is the peak body for Specialist Plastic Surgeons (both reconstructive and cosmetic). Our main role is to protect the integrity of plastic surgery as a specialty. Our mission is to provide the highest quality plastic surgery care to all Australians.

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  • Who is a <span>Specialist</span> Plastic Surgeon

    Who is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

    Only Specialist Plastic Surgeons have a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, of which at least 5 years is AMC accredited postgraduate training in Plastic Surgery. Check your surgeon's registration status and qualifications on the AHPRA website.

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  • Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

    Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

    The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is gearing up for the second Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day in Australia on 26 November 2014 to inform women and men about breast reconstruction following cancer.

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  • Medical <span>Tourism</span>

    Medical Tourism

    Buyer Beware - Death sparks renewed warnings about cosmetic tourism.

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PSC 2015

6 - 10 May 2015, Brisbane Queensland. Hosted by ASPS. Read more

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